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Board of Directors

Cooperative Principle #2 — Democratic Member Control

North Coast Co-op is a wholly member-owned organization governed by a Board of Directors elected by our membership. Elections occur annually in the fall. Two of the seven seats on the board are dedicated to employee members of North Coast Co-op. Board members serve a three-year term, unless they were appointed to fill a vacancy.

Our current board members and their terms are:

James Kloor - President
Term: 11/2017 - 11/2020

I’m a transplant to Humboldt County, and came to the North Coast by way of HSU, where I studied Mathematics, and Physics. After graduation I worked for Sun Frost, a local refrigerator manufacturer, as their bookkeeper, parts distributor, and general troubleshooter. After 3.5 years at Sun Frost I moved over to the Humboldt Area Foundation, a local non-profit community foundation, to work in the finance department. I’m extremely excited to take on a new role in the Co-op community, and look forward to how it will grow, develop, and change. As part of the board I hope to inspire communication and connectedness amongst diverse communities. Thank you.


Colin Fiske - Vice President
Term: 11/2018 - 11/2020

I lived in Chicago, Philadelphia, southern California, Florida and Washington, DC, before my wife and I found our home here in Humboldt County six years ago. I divide my time between working on various local causes and campaigns and husbanding my land, resources and wife.  I am excited to work closely with fellow Co-op members and employees to increase member participation                                                            and address other important topics.


Leah Stamper - General Director
Term: 11/2018 - 11/2021

I was born and raised in Humboldt County. I work as a nurse and spend much of my free time diving in the waters off the North Coast. I also enjoy trying to keep my bees happy and my ducks out of trouble. In the coming year I am looking forward to connecting with Co-op members and employees, as well as fostering a community of cooperation and participation.


Cheri Strong - Employee Director
Term: 11/2017 - 11/2020

I'm a long term Co-op employee. This year I'd like to get a more global perspective on how to slow environmental degradation and the ebbing fortunes of the working and underclasses. In the coming year I'm looking forward to helping grow a more inclusive community and seeing the Co-op become more of a participatory democracy. I'd also like to get to where we focus less on products from big food producers and shift towards giving local businesses more support.


Laura Wright - Secretary
Term: 11/2019 - 11/2022

Having grown up in a small, remote town outside of Antwerp, Belgium I was no foreigner to the do-it-yourself / local concept. At the age of 13 we moved to the central valley of CA – culture shock maximus. Midway through high school my mother commented that I belong in Humboldt – not knowing what a “Humboldt” was we took a road trip. I fell in love. In 2007 I moved to Humboldt County where I attended HSU and was lucky enough to find my now husband. Supporting local businesses and agriculture is something I hold near and dear to my heart. The sense of community in this county is amazing and I’m thankful to be a part of it. I look forward to sharing this passion of supporting local community by serving on the board of the North Coast Co-op. Thank you for the opportunity    


Kirsten Lindquist - Treasurer            Employee Director
Term: 11/2019 - 11/2022

I am an East Coast transplant who has slept in 44 states and have only been in California for eleven years, the last six in Humboldt, where I hope to stay for good. I love co-ops, and this is the seventh co-op I have been a member of and the third that I have worked at. Working at co-ops is my fourth and hopefully final career path, having dabbled in academe, national and state politics, as well as being a food entrepreneur. In my free time I can be found running my dog at the beach and in the forest, or watching great films. Cooking for others and enjoying food with friends is one of my greatest joys. I look forward to serving the co-op community as a member of the board.


Roger - General Director
Term: 11/2019 - 11/2022

I am an old-comer to the Arcata Co-op, having been involved since around 1977. Probably the most useful thing I can share is I am very available to promote your ideas and desires to sustain our Co-op. My phone number is 444-9901 and I'm in the Arcata Co-op most every day, on my evening transition from work to home. I encourage you to reach out to board members, store workers and your fellow members to keep us going well.


The board can be contacted via email at board@northcoast.coop. More about communicating with the board can be found on our Contact the Board page.