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Donations & Sponsorships

We strive to be an active part of our community and are happy to consider requests for donations and sponsorships from any local, nonprofit, organization or event. Please submit your requests as far in advance as possible - the more time you give us, the better! Requests are granted on a first-come, first-serve basis, funds permitting. Submission does not guarantee funding. Requests submitted less than the minimum time required will not be considered. 

  • Donations - minimum of three weeks or more notice prior to the event date
  • Sponsorships - minimum of one month or more notice prior to the event date
  • Grants - visit our Cooperative Community Fund page

Priority is given to community organizations and fundraising events involved in promoting. 

  • Sustainable and local agriculture
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Promotion of cooperative values and/or cooperative business model
  • Food and nutrition education
  • Community leadership 
  • Education 
  • Social concerns 
  • Health and wellness 

How to Request a Donation:

All requests should be made at least three weeks in advance of the planned event. Requests must be received formally in writing (email or letter) and attached to our donation request form. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Recipients may receive a maximum of one donation per fiscal year (April-March) so please plan appropriately and decide when it is best to request your donation. Please submit requests by email to jolieharvey@northcoast.coop or mail to:

North Coast Co-op, Inc.
Attn: Outreach Coordinator
811 I Street 
Arcata, CA 95521

Although we would like to support every worthwhile cause, due to the volume of applications and limited budgets it is not possible to fulfill every request. Submission of an application does not guarantee funding. We will contact you after your request has been considered.


Please review the following information before completing the North Coast Co-op donation request form.

  1. All requests must be submitted through our website or mailed. You can fill out an online donation request application below.
  2. The organization must be based in Humboldt County and the event must serve the Humboldt County community.
  3. Priority will be given to 501(c)3 non-profit organizations.  
  4. The application must be received at least three weeks in advance of the planned event to be considered. Applications may be submitted early.
  5. Requests from the following organizations will not be considered by North Coast Co-op: political candidates, third party fundraisers, private clubs funded through membership fees, sporting events or sports teams, and individuals/sponsorship of individuals.
  6. Past support of an organization or event is not a guarantee of future support.

Thank you for your interest.


Download Donation Request Form