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Board Committees

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North Coast Co-op's Board of Directors operates five standing committees that contribute to the organization and operations in an advisory capacity. Member-owners are always encouraged to attend committee meetings as well as join committees. Visit our Meeting Agendas and Minutes and the Co-op Calendar for up-to-date information. For more information or to be added to a committee email list contact the Board Assistant at (707) 822-5947 x 236.

Earth Action Committee
Discusses environmental and sustainability issues and recommendations are made to the board.                                                                                                    

  • Committee Chairs: Board Director Laura Wright
  • Meetings: Every second Wednesday of the month. Visit the Co-op Calendar for upcoming meeting dates. 

Finance Committee
Reviews and analyzes all financial information to be presented to the board and considers financial motions that ultimately must be approved by the board.  

  • Committee Chair: Board Treasurer Kirsten Lindquist
  • Staff Liaison: Co-op Finance Controller 
  • Meetings: Meets quarterly. Visit the Co-op Calendar for upcoming meeting dates and locations. 

Member Action Committee
Acts as an advisory committee to the board, providing an organized structure for members to come together, to communicate their ideas and concerns, and to influence North Coast Co-op policy and practice.

  • Staff Liaison: Co-op Membership Coordinator
  • Meetings: Visit the Co-op Calendar for upcoming meeting dates. 

Nominating Committee
Recruits and nominates candidates for the board and its committees. Supervises elections and the training/development of leadership in board directors and committee members. Meets as often as deemed necessary for its functions.          

  • Committee Chair: Employee Board Director Thomas Wehland
  • Meetings: Visit the Co-op Calendar for upcoming meeting dates. 

Policies & Procedures Committee
Acts as an advisory committee to the board, taking on issues delegated by the board as well as reviewing all governing documents and policies of North Coast Co-op including Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Board Policy Manual

  • Committee Chair: Board Secretary Ahmed Foggie
  • Staff Liaison: Co-op Membership Coordinator 
  • Meetings: Meets the third Wednesday every other month. Visit the Co-op Calendar for upcoming meeting dates.