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Membership | Fall Quarterly 2019

Fair Share Membership

Margaret Sataua, Membership Coordinator

Not a Fair Share member? Now is a great time to think about becoming one. B-Shares are known as Sustaining Shares because the member investments help sustain operations and keep the Co-op going strong in support of its members.   It’s part of what makes the Co-op a co-op – Cooperative Principle #3 – Member Economic Participation.

B-Shares are sold in $10 increments and can be purchased at Customer Service or at any register if you are already a member.  Your investment of $300 in Sustaining B-Shares will allow you to begin investing in and earning dividends on C-Shares.  The dividend rate is currently 2.65% APR. If you’d like to know your current B-Share balance, it’s shown on the annual statements all members recently received in the mail.  You can also call the Co-op’s Membership Coordinator at (707) 443-6027 ext. 434.  Even if you’ve never made a purchase of a B-Share, patronage refunds from past years may have been collecting in your B-Share balance and you may be closer to Fair Share than you think!      


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