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Local | Winter Quarterly 2019

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North Coast Co-op

What it Means to be Certified Organic

North Coast Co-op is the first food co-op on the west coast, and the only food retailer in California north of the Bay Area, to be certified organic. We’ve maintained that certification since 2006.  Organic certification means that our staff are trained to maintain the integrity of the organic product they are handling. We ensure organic and conventional products never touch or “co-mingle” on a retail display or in back stock storage.
When we sanitize a surface that touches food—like cutting boards, sinks, and knives—we are required to completely remove any sanitizer residue and to document when we do so. A third-party certifies that we maintain compliance with organic regulations.  They audit our procedures, operations and inspect our stores every year before renewing our certification.

Simply put, we are the only store in the region that guarantees the integrity of your organic apples, broccoli, avocados, and everything else in our Produce departments from the truck to your basket.

bucket photo
bucket photo