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Member Feature | Winter Quarterly 2019

Member Feature: Winter 2019

North Coast Co-op

What is the one thing you can't leave without from the Co-op?

Allison Poklemba & baby Asa, Kneeland
Member for 10 years.

“Little River’s
Mellow Mix”

Andrea Gray, Petrolia
Member for 4 years.

“A smile from at least 
one of the staff.”
Susan Penn, Eureka
Member for 4 years.

“Bulk foods – flour, oats, 
quinoa, sugar, nuts, 
maple syrup!”

Susan Elliot, Fieldbrook
Member for 20+ year.

“Avocado! Kombucha! Veggie Wrap from the Deli – SO delicious! Also – Co-op spirit! And seeing people I know.”
Amy Jester, Eureka
Member for 17 years.

“Right now: 

Dave & Frances Woody, Eureka
Member for 4 years.


bucket photo
bucket photo