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Co-op Community | Fall Quarterly 2023

Arcata Parking Lot Construction Completed

City of Arcata 8th and 9th Street Improvement Project

North Coast Co-op

The construction work on the Arcata parking lot has now been completed. These changes were required by the City of Arcata as part of their 8th and 9th Street Improvement Project, which involves converting 8th and 9th Streets into one-way streets.

The alterations allow for circulation within the lot, eliminating the need for customers to exit and re-enter. Given the one-way nature of the new street configuration, shoppers would have had to exit the lot and loop around the block to re-enter. These changes ensure the parking lot remains functional and accessible in light of the new street layouts.

The City of Arcata was responsible for the planning, execution, and funding of these required changes. With the construction in the parking lot now complete, and as the City continues its work on the streets, we do not anticipate any further major disruptions to the parking lot. 

We apologize for any inconvenience these changes may have caused and thank our customers for their understanding during this time.

More information about the 8th and 9th Street Improvement Project can be found at the City of Arcata’s website: https://www.cityofarcata.org/980/8th-and-9th-Street-Improvement-Project.

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