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Sustainable Summer Challenge | Summer Quarterly 2021

Sustainable Summer Challenge Week 3: Take Alternative Transportation to the Co-op

Kiya Villarreal & Emily Walter, Sustainability Officer & Administrative Assistant

Our Sustainable Summer Challenge is back! For five weeks, we will share an easy way you can reduce waste and promote sustainability in your everyday life. We encourage everyone to participate by trying out the week's challenge and sharing your photos/experiences on social media for chances to win an awesome prize package of a fully-stamped Co-op sandwich card (free sandwich from our Deli), beverage card (free drink from our Beverage Bar) and alternative transportation card ($5 off your next purchase), as well as a Co-op Compost service card.

If you haven’t heard the great news the Co-op now is coming up on a full year of our Alternative Transportation Stamp card! The Alternative Transportation stamp card is the Co-op’s reward program for shoppers who arrive and shop car-free at the Co-op.

How it works: Arrive to the Co-op car-free, having traveled over a ¼ mile, and spend a minimum of $10. Go to customer service and present your existing stamp card, or ask for a new one if it’s your first time. A stamp is given for each car-free shopping trip. A fully stamped card (15 stamps) is worth $5 off your next purchase!

Opting to go car-free, even for short trips, is beneficial because it reduces traffic congestion on small streets, it makes the parking lot less congested and safer to maneuver in, improves air quality, and shows support for alternative transportation infrastructure and policies. And if you are walking or biking to the store, you also get the health benefits of time spent outdoors and exercise in your day.

Keep an eye for additional posts this week highlighting local public transportation and alternative transportation methods in Humboldt County.

Week Two Challenge: Use Alternative Transportation to Get to the Co-op.

After completing the challenge, share a photo or a post about your experience on Facebook or Instagram. Tag us in your posts to be entered into a raffle for a prize package! You can also email us a photo at co-opnews@northcoast.coop for entry, and we will feature them on our social media pages!  A weekly winner will be selected every Monday, so enter your submission by Sunday. 


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