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Throwback Article | Summer Quarterly 2020

Throwback Article - Co-op Employees Participate in Can-Struction

From Co-op News Spring 2010

Jolie Harvey, Outreach Coordinator

Another throwback article from Co-op News, Spring 2010 edition. This article features an event that Co-op employees participated in – Can-Struction, a benefit for Food for People. Cans, boxes, and other foods were donated and then arranged into the four food groups portion from our former Co-op logo. Displayed for one week at the Bayshore Mall, the food was then donated to Food for People, along with all the other participating groceries stores and local businesses. Now that is playing with your food!


Co-op Employees Participate in Can-Struction — A Food For People Benefit

Co-op News, Spring 2010


On Saturday, March 6, Coop employees sculpted the four food-groups portion of the classic Co-op logo using cans, boxes and other gathered food donations from shoppers, vendors and the Co-op.

After a week’s display at the Bayshore Mall, all the food was donated to Food for People.“  

Food for People serves approximately 10,000 people each month county wide, 30-40% are children,” according to their website.

Participants included other groceries stores and local businesses.

Thanks to the crew, Gary Pellow, Pauli Gluckman, Carolyn Nelson, Joe Parks, Lisa and Scott Kristic for gathering the donations and creating such a wonderful can-struction! Thank you to Amy’s and Bob’s Red Mill for their donations! 

Make a donation to Food for People at www.foodforpoeple.org.


bucket photo
bucket photo