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Membership | Fall Quarterly 2019

Round Up for Co-op Month

Margaret Sataua, Membership Coordinator

While round ups during nine months of the year will be dedicated to the member-selected Seeds for Change partner, October will be set aside each year in honor of Co-op month.  Starting this October, North Coast Co-op will collect register round-ups to support our Twin Pines Cooperative Community Fund. Together, Equal Exchange and Frontier Co-op, proud sponsors and supporters of Twin Pines, will match round-ups collected at the register, up to $1,000 each. Our goal is to raise a total of $2,000 from member round-ups and add it to the generous match. Beginning next October, the Co-op will begin granting from our Twin Pines fund, using the interest that we earn to support local nonprofits undertaking cooperative projects.   

The Twin Pines Foundation is the largest single funder of cooperative development organizations in the United States. Forty-four cooperative grocers, including North Coast Co-op, participate in Twin Pines Cooperative Community Fund.     

bucket photo
bucket photo