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Co-op News | Winter Quarterly 2019

Staff Picks: Favorite Winter Comfort Food You Like to Cook

North Coast Co-op



"Something that I’ve been doing is baked brie with a sourdough baguette." 
- Chris, Sr. Clerk, Eureka



"Potato bacon casserole." 
- Thomas, Cheese Department, Arcata


"I cook a lot of organic Mary’s chickens. Also I like to get the frozen Celebration Tamales."  
- Sallie, Floral 
Sr. Clerk, Arcata



"Japanese curry." 
- Danielle, Wellness Department Head, Arcata



"Potato leek soup." 
- Jessica, Grocery 
Clerk, Eureka


"I’ve been checking the new pre-wrap meat case in the Meat Department and getting fish and meat from the reduced price section. It’s more affordable."
- Kippen, Cashier, Eureka


"Cooking turkey and using it for turkey soup, dumplings…  keeping it going for different meals."
- Nicole, Sr. Clerk, Arcata


bucket photo
bucket photo