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Zero Waste | Winter Quarterly 2019

Zero Waste Starts With You

Tips for starting the new year on a sustainable foot

North Coast Co-op

Shopping Habits
Shopping with less waste in mind often requires some planning. One way to shop that reduces waste is to loosely plan what you’ll eat over the next few days. By having a loose menu that includes all your meals—not just dinners—you’re able to buy what you’ll be eating. This eliminates overbuying, which saves money and food from going bad at home. Don’t forget to bring your own bag for extra savings and a sturdier walk home or to the car.

Eating Out
Heading out to grab a coffee and a scone? Chances are you’ll have the opportunity to use your own cup for your beverage, and even get a discount doing it! Going to a big dinner? Consider bringing a container to pack up your own leftovers—tomorrow’s lunch is already packed!

Being Prepared 
Preparation is key for a lot of zero-waste opportunities. When leaving the house every day, whether your adventure takes you to work, classes, the park, and everywhere in between, having a few reusables (bags, mugs, containers) as part of your belongings comes in handy.

Bringing Your Own Container
Whether you are filling up in the Bulk Department or Deli, there are only a few, simple steps to bringing your own containers for shopping. The most important step is getting the tare weight of the empty container before you fill it with anything. Getting the tare weight should be done at the official scales used at registers—ask Customer Service to determine the weight for you. 

Participating in Community Opportunities
Have you noticed an increase in recycling and composting bins around the area? It might take a moment to determine which bin your waste can go in, but sorting your scraps in their respective places will reduce the number of items unnecessarily ending up in the landfill. 

Unsubscribing from Junk Mail
Do you receive mail that is not meant for you? Instead of tossing it, simply writing “Return to sender” on the envelope and sticking it back in the mail will let the Post Office take care of the excess paper trail. To stop receiving junk mail like prescreened offers of credit and insurance, you can opt out of receiving them for five years or opt out of receiving them permanently by calling toll-free 1-888-5-OPT-OUT (1-888-567-8688) or visiting  www.optoutprescreen.com.

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