Everyone can shop, but we would love for you to join!

Co-op Access Program

The board and staff at North Coast Co-op believe that all members of our community should have access to high quality, organic food regardless of their income. To make the Co-op accessible to more members of our community, the board approved a one-year pilot of the Co-op Access Program from April 3, 2017 - March 31, 2018.

What is the Co-op Access Program pilot?  
The goal of the program is to help all interested members of the community to access the benefits of Co-op membership and of shopping at the Co-op, including the benefits of access to healthy food and of democratic member ownership, regardless of income. Fifty low-income participants were welcomed to participate in the pilot program and received 10% off their Co-op purchases up to $500 in purchases per month.  Participants who were not yet Co-op members were gifted a membership upon qualification and enrollment in the pilot.

The pilot is over.  What happens next?
Participants completed three surveys over the course of the pilot, detailing their experiences with the program. Pilot participants continue to receive their discount while the program is evaluated.