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Voting for the 2024 Seeds for Change recipients takes place Wednesday, October 25 - Thursday, November 9. This year 57 local nonprofit organizations applied and qualified to be part of the 2024 Co-op’s Seeds for Change Round-up Program. The top 10 organizations selected by the membership will be announced in December. 


Seeds for Change 2024 Candidates

Affordable Homeless Housing Alternatives serves the houseless and housing insecure population throughout Humboldt County. Our mobile shower Care-A-Van provides guests with a 10-minute hot showers which are desperately needed because hygiene is the essential first step in providing health care. We believe the whole community benefits when everyone feels safe and respected. 

Area 1 Agency on Aging - Northcoast Homeshare Program supports older adults who wish to stay living at home by connecting them safely with a compatible housemate, which opens up options for more affordable housing. The match-making process involves specific steps as safeguards, provided free of charge to all community members, regardless of age.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the North Coast builds and supports one-to-one relationships to ignite the biggest possible futures for youth. Every year 1 out of 3 children in our community go without a single adult who they can call a mentor, guide, or support. We make formal mentoring possible for youth at no charge to families. 85% of Alumni say this program changed their life.

Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods – TEEN COURT is an innovative diversion program for first-time juvenile offenses. It is a real court that is run entirely by teen volunteers. We organize around youth empowerment and restorative justice. We harnesses the collective wisdom of youth to shape plans of repair that aim to draw youth closer into the community, rather than ostracizing them.

Bridgeville Community Center - Dolly Books Humboldt is the affiliate with the Dolly Parton Imagination Library responsible for all of Humboldt County. This program sends books to children under the age of five on a monthly basis, free of charge to the families. All children 0-5 are eligible to participate. Parents are never charged for this service, but as the affiliate our cost averages $13 per calendar year per child.

Clarke Historic Museum celebrates the rich and varied history of Northwestern California by preserving, sharing, and interpreting that history in ways that increase knowledge, enrich the spirit, engage the mind, and stimulate the imagination. The Clarke has the largest collection of indigenous artifacts in the northwest of the state and embraces all aspects of settler and indigenous history in Humboldt.

Coalition for Responsible Transportation Priorities promotes transportation solutions that protect and support a healthy environment, healthy people, healthy communities and a healthy economy on the North Coast.  We provide public education and advocacy to support more walking, biking, rolling, and public transit, and less fossil-powered driving.

Companion Animal Foundation works to raise the status of animals by decreasing pet overpopulation through spay/neuter assistance, adoptions and compassionate education. We promote the unique relationship we share with animals by providing meaningful programs to both youth and adults. We work cooperatively with rescue groups and our community to find good homes for adoptable animals.

Creative Sanctuary is dedicated to creative growth through artful living. We encourage people to teach, inspire, and know each other. We are a maker space, venue and resource distribution center that provides free to low-cost programming including classes, workshops, events, music, community potluck and art night, and creative labs). We are an Arcata neighborhood nexus for creativity and connection.

Dell’Arte International explores ensemble-based physical theatre making, practice, and training for ourselves, the world, and the future. We create work around local issues, engage with the community through the arts and provide world renowned training for physical theatre artists. Our Rural Residency program brings the arts to rural communities in the surrounding area. 

Eel River Watershed Improvement Group works to improve in-stream and related watershed habitat conditions in the Eel River basin, and surrounding California coastal basins, to benefit native stocks of salmon and steelhead. We provide organizational and technical assistance to landowners & managers, to develop watershed action plans, and to implement projects which will benefit salmonids.

Environmental Protection Information Center advocates for the science-based protection and restoration of Northwest California’s forests, rivers, and wildlife with an integrated approach combining public education, citizen advocacy, and strategic litigation. We advocate for natural ecosystems, and human communities that ultimately depend on the health of the natural environment for survival.

Eureka Heritage Society provides free educational programs and information about Eureka’s rich architectural heritage and the importance of historic preservation for our future, including the reuse and repair of materials. The Society owns and maintains the Annie B. Ryan House and Gardens at 1000 F Street. The garden provides produce for food pantries in Eureka and is open to the public.

Evolve Youth Services are dedicated to improving the lives of foster and adoptive families by creating individually-tailored, holistic therapeutic programs to heal trauma through healthy relationships. Opportunities provided to these youth include group therapy, therapeutic field trips, music, art, and various physical activity lessons, therapy and counseling, and equine assisted growth.

Friends of the Arcata Library support the Arcata Library by providing funds for programs, books for clubs like the Banned Book Club, and Jr. Library Guild education and science books. We support our local bookstores by buying locally for the library. We provide a space for cultural and community support through our membership meetings and activities.

Friends of the Eel River work for the recovery of the Eel River, its fish, and community. Removing the two dams on the Eel River is the single most important conservation action to support recovery of the Eel’s native fish and will make the Eel River California’s longest free-flowing river. Removal could begin as early as 2028, if we are able to keep up the pressure.

Heart of the Redwoods Community Hospice provides education, empowerment and support to patients, their families, and the community throughout the dying and grieving process. We serve our community by providing free hospice care to our far-flung rural community where no other end-of-life services are available. We also provide free grief counseling after a patient dies.

Humboldt Animal Rescue Team provides a second chance to stray, displaced and abandoned cats and kittens in Humboldt County by finding them loving, forever homes, as well as promotes the humane treatment of all animals, provide education about responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering. We are one of the few rescues that will take in adult cats routinely. 

Humboldt Arts Council is dedicated to providing leadership in support of the rich heritage of North Coast Arts. We work to create experiences that embrace the importance of the arts and the Morris Graves Museum of Art (MGMA) and to position the arts and the MGMA as a meaningful part of a well-rounded life. We provide Art Education Programs at MGMA and throughout our region.

Humboldt Botanical Garden wants to inspire, educate, & grow. Our team works to provide an enjoyable and educational garden accessible to everyone living in or visiting Humboldt County. We promote the study, use, and preservation of plant diversity. We strive to work at the intersection of science, education, and creativity to benefit our guests in truly unique ways.

Humboldt County Beekeepers Association provides educational opportunities with the purpose of promoting the success of beekeepers. We conduct outreach to the community regarding the benefits of honeybees and beekeeping, as well as the importance of native pollinators in our bio-region. We provide a forum for cooperation and mutual support among local beekeepers. 

Humboldt County Historical Society furthers understanding and appreciation of all peoples, places, events, and activities of Humboldt County. We make Humboldt County’s rich history more visible to the public and preserve and archive Humboldt County’s history with an archive of 100s of maps, over 65,000 photos, family and business records and criminal ledgers. We are a research facility open to the public.

Humboldt Healthy Families is dedicated to helping pregnant community members struggling with addiction. We are a transitional residential recovery house that provides culturally appropriate tools for building a successful future. Our goal is to provide an intervention of support to increase the number of babies born without the burden of addiction.

Humboldt Literacy Project works to teach adults in Humboldt County the literacy skills they need on the job, at home, and in our community. We build public awareness about the social, political, economic, and cultural value of literacy. We serve illiterate adults, non-native English speakers, and incarcerated individuals. We train tutors and supply supportive materials to help those that are learning.

Humboldt Mediation Services promotes the peaceful resolution of conflicts in our community by using trained volunteers to provide the best possible services in mediation and facilitation, as well as education in communication and conflict resolution skills. Our goal is to have Humboldt Mediation Services truly represent Humboldt County and provide our services to all who need them.

Humboldt Senior Resource Center - Redwood Coast Village is a support network of volunteers that enables Humboldt County seniors to stay active, independent, and socially connected while continuing to live safely in their own homes. Our program is a network of senior members and volunteers who serve as neighbors helping neighbors. We are building community resiliency now and into the future.

Humboldt Spay/Neuter Network works to reduce the number of abused and homeless dogs and cats in Humboldt County by promoting and providing affordable spaying and neutering. We provide education about responsible pet ownership and the importance of spaying and neutering. We conduct a
Trap-Neuter-Return program to humanely reduce the numbers of stray and feral cats.

Humboldt Sponsors is dedicated to raising funds solely to benefit the youth of Humboldt County. “We make good things happen for local kids!” Every year, through a strict application process, Humboldt Sponsors awards grants to local youth-related nonprofit programs and organizations that provide services to Humboldt County children. We’ve distributed nearly $2,835,000 in grant funds since 1971.

Humboldt Trails Council serves as a unified voice to support development, maintenance, connection to and use of trails for recreation and transportation throughout Humboldt County. We provide monthly maintenance for 11 local trails, including the Eureka Waterfront Trail and Hammond Trail, with assistance from 200+ volunteers.

Humboldt Waterkeeper (formerly Humboldt Baykeeper) was launched in 2004 to safeguard our coastal resources for the health, enjoyment, and economic strength of the Humboldt Bay community through education, scientific research, and enforcement of laws to fight pollution. We work with local tribes, scientists, students, professors, paddlers, fishermen, and community-based organizations.

Karuk Tribe - Department of Natural Resources protects, enhances and restores the cultural/natural resources and ecological processes upon which Karuk people depend. From distributing fresh produce from our Tribal Farm to restoring traditional burning practices across hundreds of acres of Karuk Territory each year, our programs directly serve our Karuk tribal communities and cultural heritage.

Karuna Rescue is an animal rescue and sanctuary committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming abandoned, abused, and neglected animals. Unadoptable animals live out their lives at our peaceful sanctuary, where they are provided love, care, and enrichment. We educate our community about the responsible, humane treatment of all animals to put an end to animal suffering and homelessness.  

KEET-TV is the public television station for the north coast of California. We are a community-supported organization that uses public media to present diverse perspectives which educate, inspire, and entertain. We strive to be a trusted resource for discovering new experiences and ideas that lead to more informed, inclusive communities in Humboldt County and beyond.

Lost Coast Camp provides youth with a dynamic summer camp experience, which promotes self-esteem and positive friendships, individual expression and fosters an appreciation for the natural world. We provide financial assistance to attend camp to the most vulnerable and under-served children in our community with help from the Humboldt Network of Family Resource Centers.

Making Headway for Brain Injury Recovery works toward prevention of all brain injuries through education and awareness and helps persons who have sustained brain injuries—and their families—to gain access to affordable services and support. We provide opportunities to clients through day trips, events and providing adaptive materials to help brain injury survivors live more independently.

Mid Klamath Watershed Council collaboratively plans and implements ecosystem restoration, promotes community vitality, and involves people in land stewardship. We provide local jobs, youth workforce development, and a community center space. We promote community resilience by encouraging activities that sustain our resources.

Nation’s Finest supports America’s military veterans and their families with a comprehensive approach to housing, health and employment that helps them achieve self-sufficiency and reach their full potential. Our residential program houses those who are formerly homeless, suffer with a mental health diagnosis, substance abuse and veterans.

Natural Fiber Fair promotes the arts of spinning, weaving, knitting and other handcraft using sustainable natural fibers such as cotton and linen as well as locally produced wool and alpaca. We aim to educate and inspire our community, and provide access to tools and materials. Every year in September we put on a weekend event that is free and open to all.

Natural History Museum of Cal Poly Humboldt through its collections, exhibits, and programs it inspires an understanding and appreciation of the dynamic natural world. By exploring the museum, we hope visitors are inspired to get out and explore other magical places in northwest California. We also provide a learning laboratory for Cal Poly Humboldt students and regional K-12 students.

North Country Fair celebrates and advocates for a healthy environment, cooperation and community, a vibrant alternative economy, and justice for every person and all forms of life. We hold one event per year for the benefit of the community. The North Country Fair prioritizes local booth applicants andhttp://northcoast.coop/vote has more than 200 local artists each year while being committed to zero waste.

North Coast Growers’ Association - Humboldt County Farmers’ Markets support Humboldt County’s farmers and artisan producers in building a robust and resilient local food system. We work to increase community access to locally grown and produced goods while building infrastructure that supports our local food system. Our vision is a sustainable local food system for our community and our farmers.

Northcoast Children’s Services believes that healthy families are crucial to the development that occurs from the beginning of life through early childhood. Respectfully building on each family’s strengths and goals, NCS works in partnership with children, families and communities to promote and advocate for healthy development. Our vision is to nurture and empower the whole child and family.

Northcoast Regional Land Trust helps ensure our region’s ranches, farms, and forests are kept whole and productive - forever. We have permanently protected over 56,000 acres of land in northwestern CA through conservation easements and acquisitions. Our programming takes place at our property, Freshwater Farms Reserve, showing that agriculture and wildlife habitat can successfully co-exist.  

Pay It Forward Humboldt works with communities after disasters to help them recover to where they were pre-disaster. We provide help, healing, and hope in times of crisis. 100% volunteer run, donations are used to meet immediate needs during disasters, such as wildfires and earthquakes. We partner with the county, Red Cross, and Food for People to ensure no one falls through the cracks.

Playhouse Arts purpose is to build community through the arts, working to create a society that is inspired and empowered to work together for the common good in meaningful and effective ways. Playhouse Arts, the Local Arts Agency for the City of Arcata, provides programs for those in and out of school, for kids to elders, high school to Gen Z . We are a cultural hub for the community.

Redwood Art Association is an all volunteer organization serving artists by providing resources for exhibitions and education, including owning and managing the Redwood Art Association gallery in Eureka. We promote large art exhibitions year-round for our members and Humboldt County artists. It is part of our vision that arts are a thriving and vibrant part of our community life. 

Redwood Community Action Agency - Adult and Family Services programs provide comprehensive services to diverse community members who are surviving high risk challenges. Our programs operate through a model that focuses on wellness, healing and recovery. The majority of our clients have none, or very low income and resources. We help them with their basic needs and re-housing necessities.

Redwood Community Radio - KMUD encourages a communication center of open airways (KMUD) for all voices to inform, educate, entertain and inspire the listening community through quality programming. KMUD radio provides news, entertainment, emergency alerts. We are an information partner of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office.

Redwood Community Services - Foster Family Agency works to develop more local, family homes for our foster-involved youth. We recruit resource families (formerly called “foster parents”) within Humboldt county by locating and assisting adults who can be excellent resource parents to foster-involved kids. We help develop local foster families to help youth recognize their full potential.

Redwood Discovery Museum emphasizes interactive, open-ended discovery in the areas of science, art, culture, technology, and healthy living. We serve the community by providing a safe indoor space for children and their families to learn and grow together. We are one of the few indoor play spaces for children in Humboldt, and the only children’s museum from Medford to Chico.

Salmonid Restoration Federation promotes restoration and stewardship of California’s native salmon, steelhead, and trout populations and their habitat. We provide crucial educational services for landowners, community organizations, consultancies, and agencies. We spearhead opportunities for community engagement, and help develop fishery restorations plans, objectives, and policies.

Sequoia Humane Society strives to be a community leader in promoting the humane treatment of all animals and end pet overpopulation by providing a high standard of care through programs such as pet adoption, spay and neuter and community education. We actively work to address pet overpopulation by providing vouchers that make it affordable to spay/neuter.

Surfrider Foundation, Humboldt Chapter is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network. We focus on reducing plastic pollution through policy and action and work to keep Humboldt’s coastline and waterways clean and healthy.

We Are Up is building a vibrant and inclusive community in Humboldt County that welcomes people across differences and honors our natural world. On our beautiful 15-acre site, neighbors with diverse abilities, ages, and socioeconomic backgrounds will live, learn, work, and thrive together. We plan to create housing, develop agriculture land and a community space. 

Westside Community Improvement Association- Jefferson Community Center serves families and individuals throughout Eureka and Humboldt County. Many community members come with a variety of needs for support. We provide resources such as clothing, emergency food, hygiene products, diapers and other material items as well as resources like educational and vocational opportunities.

Wiyot Tribe - Soulatluk Hou Gou Gou’wurruwisuqu’l (Wiyot language program) supports the activities of Soulatluk Hou Gou Gou’wurruwisuqu’l (aka Wiyot language revitalization). This program helps the Tribe educate the public about Native language loss and reclamation and supports language activities, events, and talks for the public and tribal members.

Zero Waste Humboldt implements proactive waste prevention strategies to reduce waste generated from the sources first and then throughout its life cycle. Recycling-based economic development in Humboldt County is essential to our mission. In addition, helping local businesses integrate recyclable materials into their production processes creates the Circular Economy that we strive for.