Everyone can shop, but we would love for you to join!

Composting Service 

Currently only available at our Arcata store location. 

Members can purchase the $20.00 stamp card worth six (6) drop offs to be used as needed at the Arcata store Customer Service. Drop offs must be made using our designated 3.5 gallon bucket, which are available for a one-time purchase of $9.00. The program is self-service and available to members seven days a week from 7am to 7pm.  




What Compost Materials Are Accepted?

So, what can be composted? We are happy to compost food waste (kitchen scraps), certified compostable packaging such food boxes, cold cups, straws, wooden utensils, fiber-based bowls and plates, and unbleached paper towels. As our compost needs to be free of all contaminates for it to be added to our composter, we cannot accept any e-waste, personal hygiene products, metal or any petroleum plastics. 


  • Food waste & scraps
  • Napkins
  • Natural plant fiber-based material
  • Compostable packaging:
    • Paper products
    • Post-consumer compost
    • Co-op cold drink cups 
    • Coffee cups
    • Drink lids & sleeves
    • Compostable straws
    • Wooden utensils
    • Fiber-based utensils
    • BioPlus Co+op food box (Deli paper to-go box)
    • Fiber-based bowls & plates

Not Accepted

  • Plastic packaging & containers
  • Plastic packdown boxes 
  • Gloves
  • Twist ties (metal or plastic)
  • Metal

For more information, please email sustainability@northcoast.coop.